Grant History

A history of BCSF grants awarded to schools in the past five years.

Bettendorf High School

2014-2015: Visiting Artist: Dean Kuglar Sculpture Presentation | Visiting Science Scholars – gift to Stem Club | Stem Club

2013-2014: Visiting Science Scholar – gift to BHS Industrial Tech/Robotics | Visiting Science Scholar: Bryan Arnold, Toyota | Come Together for Music Education

2012-2013: Visiting Science Scholar – gift to BHS Science Dept. | Visiting Science Scholar: Jeff Hanley, NASA | Visiting Artist: Nina Weiss Prismacolor Colored Pencil Seminar | By Candlelight: Hearing the Story in the Author’s Own Words | Favorite Teacher award to BHS Pete Bruecken for Science Dept.

2011-2012: Visiting Artist – Zentangle Seminar & Silver Clay | Incoming 9th Grade At-Risk Transition | Visiting Science – BHS Science Dept.

Previous Grants: Collaborative Inflatable Sculptures, Video Analysis,Calculators for Math Class , Math Department, Student Council Leadership Conferences, Video Projector-Spanish Language Dept., Oral Assessment Using Interpersonal Skills, New Photographic Equipment, Author Visit Spring, Oral History Night, Transition T-shirts, Debate Tournament of Champions

Bettendorf Middle School

2014-2015: Field of Greens Community Garden | Stem Club | A Zen-sational Courtyard | What is Essential

2013-2014: Reading the Bones/Mystery Cemetery | Our Learning Utopia | Going Green – To The House | Avoid the Summer Slide; Visit Your School Library this Summer | Using iPads to Reinforce 21st Century Skills in BMS Band | Hightower Aquaponics | BIONIC (Believe It Or Not I Care) | Choose2Matter: What Breaks Your Heart | Visiting Science Scholar – gift to Robotics | Finnessy Innovation Award: Greenhouse Effect to Aquaponics

2012-2013: Academic Legacy Scrapbook | Gaga Pit | TV for Authentic Audience | From Greenhouse Effect to Aquaponics | After School Culture Club

2011-2012: Technology for Collaborative Learning in BMS Band | Finnessy Innovation Award: March Madness Book Read

2010-2011: March Madness Book Read | Finnessy Innovation Award: Inflatable Art Sculptures

Annual Parent Link Major Saver Award: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Previous Grants: Success Through Attendance, Reading Recovery, Weekly Reader, Therapy Dog, Yearbook Club, Band Bash, Music Performance Assessment & Literacy Tools, Chapters & Chow Literature Club, Motivating the Unmotivated Student

Elementary District Wide Grants

2013-2014: Water for Sudan – A Long Walk to Water

2012-2013: 4th Grade Exploration of Mississippi

2011-2012: School-wide PBIS Kick-off | Dinosaurs Unearthed | Language Personal Learning Tool | Whisper Phones

Annual Family Museum Field Trip (K & 2nd)

Annual Major Saver Award: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Grant Wood Elementary

2014 Favorite Teacher Award – Dan Bartell

2012-2013: Grant Wood News, Weather & Sports

2011-2012: Grant Wood Therapy Dog $1000

Previous Grants: Introducing Nutritional Education, Harness the Power of Learning Promethean Boards, LEGO Mindstorm NXT, sets & necessary parts, Karla’s Korner, Read All About, Science On the Move, Literacy Connections-The Arts, Social Studies Non-Fiction Books, Classroom Mounted TV’s & VCR’s, Garden/Habitat Area

Herbert Hoover Elementary

Previous Grants: Poetry Books, Therapy Dog, Tumblebooks E Books, Harness the Power of Learning Promethean Boards Read Naturally CD’s, Take Home Library, Vacuum for Daily Living, Books on Cassette

Mark Twain Elementary

2014-2015: Read and Ride | Finnessy Innovation Award – Reading for Excellence

2013-2014: Differentiating Interventions through Technology Integration | Reading For Excellence Family Literacy Event

2010-2011: Learning in Motion

Previous Grants: Alternative PR Programming, Learning Laboratory Project White Boards Drums, Percussion Instruments & T-shirts, “Mark My Time” Digital Bookmarks, Club 55-Media Center, Click, Music Enhancement Project

Neil Armstrong Elementary

2014-2015: Read Around the World in 180 Days

2013-2014: Stand Up, Don’t Stand By | Million Minute Reading Challenge

2012-2013: Standing to Learn | Slow Down & Learn

Previous Grants: After School Drama Program, Therapy Dog, Old to New, Past to Future Mural Project, Copies of Effie’s Image, Armstrong Children’s Peace Chorus Reads Naturally, Welcome to Armstrong Baskets

Paul Norton Elementary

2013-2014: Favorite Teacher Award – Joyce Jackson, Guidance

2012-2013: Art Room Mimio Acquisition | 4th Grade Exploration of Mississippi – district wide

2010-2011: Therapy Dog

Previous Grants: Math in the Classroom, Reading Grant Print Shop Deluxe 15 & licenses/50 users, Read Naturally, Simon’s Hook, Nine Essential Skills for the Love & Logic Classroom, Project Read, Compasses for Everyday Math

Thomas Jefferson Elementary

2013-2014: Little Free Library

2012: Finnessy Innovation Award: Before the Bell Math

2011-2012: Before the Bell Math

Previous Grants: Jefferson’s Families, Red Ribbon Week, Therapy Dog, Summer Walk & Talk, Music room television & wall mount, Reading Olympics, Technology Library, Student/Parent Academic Activities, Clavinova Purchase