Innovative Grant in action: Down the Dirt Road Blues

Innovative Grant in action: Down the Dirt Road Blues

Nov 15, 2018


The artist, Spencer Bohren visited the BCSD to present a documentary concert, Down the Dirt Road Blues. Down the Dirt Road Blues, follows the journey of a single song as it travels through America's history and culture. From its pre-slavery African beginning, the song slowly transforms into Mississippi blues, Memphis dance music, a banjo tune from Appalachia, Hank Williams' early country music, Muddy Waters' electric Chicago blues, and finally into folk music and rock 'n' roll, with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. The narrative gave students a historical context for the changes that drive music forward.

The students gained an awareness of the music they hear everyday and how that music impacts their lives as well as those around them. It will also gave them an understanding of where music has come from and what sacrifices people have made for that music to exist.

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