BCSF Approves $14,460 in Innovative & Pride Classroom Grants

BCSF Approves $14,460 in Innovative & Pride Classroom Grants

Oct 22, 2019

At our October board meeting, the Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation trustees approved up to $14,460 in Innovative & Pride Classroom Grants for BCSD Schools.

Edison Academy & Bettendorf High School
The Power of Positivity: Partnering with Community Role Models
Tammy Chelf
Up to $1,700

The BCSF grant will fund local motivational speaker TC Boyd to speak to Edison Academy and Bettendorf High School students about achieving goals and handling frustration as well as dealing with failures. In addition, TC will work with students in a workshop setting and in round table sessions.

Bettendorf Middle School
Project-Based Learning Podcasts
Emily Pendleton and Nate Hernandez
Up to $500

The BCSF grant will allow 8th grade House 1 to purchase microphones to allow students to create podcasts for their project-based learning class projects including their senior project and interviewing nursing home residents about their life stories and experiences.

Bettendorf High School
Pop-Up Learning Spaces: From Intervention to Enrichment
Joy Kelly and Theresa Freking
Up to $6,484

The Pop-Up Learning Spaces grant will allow the high school to create 5 different unique learning areas for interventions and enrichment as well as support initiatives such as social-emotional learning and career and future ready planning.Watch for the new spaces in these hallways: Math (3rd floor), Language Arts (1st floor), Students Services (main floor), Library (main floor), and Performing Arts Center /E Locker Bay (main floor).

Bettendorf High School
Poetry Coffeehouse

Jill Montgomery and Elizabeth Woolley
Up to $200

Poetry Coffeehouse is a PRIDE session open to Bettendorf High School students. Students open the session by reading poetry. Then teachers have a brief, informal mini lesson on poetry and the writing of poetry.Students develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills as well as poetry skills. The funding will pay for supplies. “Wow, you really have coffee for us?”

Bettendorf High School
National History Day
Mary Heeringa and Maddie Koepnick
Up to $200

Development of projects for National History Day is a Bettendorf High School PRIDE opportunity for students. The funds will be used to purchase supplies for exhibit boards, documentaries and performance for BHS National History Day entries for regional, state and national competitions. This year the theme is Breaking Barriers in History.

Grant Wood Elementary
Letters from Home
Jordann Lehman, Jordan Knoll and Andrea Krause
Up to $2,226

The BCSF grant will help support the schools work to recognize students demonstrating RCRS (Respective, Caring, Responsible and Safe) behaviors through postcards mailed to families.The school’s goal is for each student to receive at least five postcards per year.

Grant Wood Elementary
GW Parent University
Lisa Bald, Carla Porth and Bryan Dietsch
Up to $3,000

Grant Wood Elementary will be offering parents to learn about academic and behavioral supports through quarterly parent university evenings and coffee chats focused on math, literacy, social-emotional learning, and summer learning loss prevention. Meals and raffle prizes for educational activities and item that can help students at home are included. The program will also be made available online. The program also includes Coffee Chats at specific grade levels and welcoming of new families.

Bettendorf High School
Crocheting Mats for the Homeless
Carrie Heiting
Up to $150

Crocheting Mats for the Homeless will be a PRIDE session open to Bettendorf High School students to make mats from recycled plastic bags that are soft and durable for when they do not have a bed to sleep in. The mats will be given to King’s Harvest Homeless Shelter to distribute to the homeless.

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